Calvin Green

Calvin is 9 Months Old

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We have a baby who is three quarters of a year old! That blows my mind. To me, he is still my tiny newborn. We actually got to meet our friends’ two week old boy last weekend and he weighed the exact same as Calvin at birth, 9 lbs 12 oz. Holding him brought back so many memories to when he was that small. It’s incredible how much they change in so little time. It all kind of seems like a blur. People have been telling me that he looks like my husband from the day he was born but I didn’t see it as much as they did. I’ve always seen some resemblance, don’t get me wrong, but I found he was a good mix of the two of us. However, the older he gets and the more he matures, the more I see what everyone else is talking about. He is starting to develop facial expressions a lot like his daddy. He has this one mischievous smile that just pulls on my heart strings. I have no better way of describing it other than the French saying of “face agissable”.


He now weighs about 24 lbs and is wearing size 18 month clothing. He grew his second tooth this month and now has both on the bottom. He also got his second cold right around the same time that the tooth was cutting through which made for a miserable baby for a few days. We set up a cold air humidifier in his room, sucked the buggers out with our Hydra Sense nasal aspirator (best invention ever), gave Tylenol, and offered lots of extra cuddles to get him through those days. Thankfully, he’s over the cold and the tooth is through now so we’re back to normal, until the next one I suppose.

Snotty boy trying his best to stay happy.

Physical development went into overdrive this month. He went from just barely being able to bum shuffle, to crawling, pulling himself up onto anything and everything, and cruising along furniture. He is so confident and no matter how many times he falls and bumps his head, he always gets back up and tries again. I predict he will be an early walker. All of these changes meant baby proofing needed to happen. He gets into everything! His favorite is the dog dish full of water. We are always redirecting him.

He loves his dog so much, and the dog is so good with him.

This boy loves music! He now dances whenever any comes on. He has a big plastic toy car and he knows exactly which button to push to play the songs and will dance to the beat. He also enjoys when we play music while he’s in his jolly jumper and dance around with him. He babbles all kinds of sounds, his favorite being “ah-da” and “da-da”. I also taught him the sign for milk, although to him it means boobie.

With all of the physical development, teething, and sickness, this month saw some new sleep struggles (like we needed more). He started sitting and standing in his crib. For a while we would go in and lay him down over and over again, but we eventually learnt that if we just let him sort it out on his own for a while he would lay down and go to sleep. He is down to two naps a day but rarely are they long. He has always been a cat napper but with him learning so much so fast it got even worse for a while. There were days when he woke up miserable after only 20 minutes. He’s now back to his ‘normal’ 35 minute naps and occasionally will hit the one hour mark, but this is rare. He still wakes one to two times a night as well, and I was feeding him each time until very recently. I finally made the decision to night wean at the very end of his 8th month. It was time. It wasn’t even a planned decision, it sort of just happened. He woke up one night about a week ago and instead of rushing into his room and feeding him, I let him fuss it out for maybe 10 minutes. After that, he ended up falling back asleep and made it right until 5 am. I fed him at that time and he slept until 7! We repeated this the next 4 nights after that and finally, on the 5th night (three nights ago), he slept from 7 pm to 545 am with no wake-ups in between. I fed him at 545 and he slept until 7. So it’s been about a week of him not eating at night and so far it’s going well. I don’t consider those early morning wake-ups as night feeds and am okay with them for now since he is going back to sleep afterwards. We can sort them out later. I’m just happy he is finally giving us some nice long stretches. I also like that the night weaning just sort of happened. I didn’t feel pressured to do it. Now, I’m just hoping that it continues to go in the right direction. We actually just removed the Fisher Price Aquarium from his crib and took away the incline completely. He ended up falling one day and hitting his face on the aquarium so we made the decision to remove it. We also found it was becoming more of a distraction during nap times anyway. As for the incline, now that he is so mobile he was never laying where the incline was. Often his head was at the other end of the crib or he would be sideways. His acid reflux has been well controlled for a while now so we figured we would try him without the incline. So far it’s going well.


Lastly, solids are also going well. He loves those mum-mum crackers, and puffs. Basically, anything he can feed himself is a winner. He has taken a liking to bananas and shredded cheese this month. Feeding him solid foods gives me the most anxiety because of his condition, but I am happy and thankful that he has done so well. The only food that has given us a bit of a hard time so far is kiwi and it may have just been a coincidence. I think that it was too slippery so he tried to swallow a big chunk. He ended up coughing it up. One food I was very nervous to try was pasta because I had read that it is often a culprit of “stuckies” (food getting stuck in the esophagus), but so far he has been able to eat it without difficulty. The other food that our surgeon warned us about was meat, but coincidentally we are raising Calvin vegetarian, so we don’t have to worry about that. Furthermore, he learnt to drink from a straw this month and is loving water!


This little stinker, as my husband likes to call him, brings so much joy to our lives. We can’t wait to see what next month has in store for us.

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