Sample 10 Month Old Baby Schedule

Just as I thought, our schedule has completely changed again in two short months. We went back to giving Calvin his reflux medication once  a day instead of twice to make our lives easier, and that’s been going well. The best part about that is now we don’t need to worry about him having snacks whenever he wants in the afternoon. This is great because his appetite for solid food has really increased lately. We can no longer eat anything in front of him unless we want to share. He also dropped a night feed and is now only waking once around 5 am to eat and goes back to sleep until 7 am. This is amazing. It’s the closest I’ve been to sleeping through the night in probably about a year, since I didn’t sleep great while pregnant either. With all these changes, I thought I would share our new schedule at 10 months old. Again, I didn’t include all the diaper changes because they happen as needed throughout the day. It’s also important to note that things change from day to day. We try to stick to this as much as possible but things happen that derail it from time to time. He also isn’t consistent with how long his naps are. Some days he takes two crappy 30 min naps, and other days one nap will be long and one will be short. He seems to go back and forth with which one is going to be the long one. If we’re on the go, say at my parents’ or a friend’s house, it’s a guarantee that the nap will only be 30 mins.

  • 5 ish am: Wakeup, quick feed, back to bed
  • 7:00 am: Wakeup for day, diaper change, medicine
  • 7:40 am: Breastfeed
  • 8:30 am: Breakfast solids & water
  • 9:30 am: Nap #1 (30 mins – 1 hour 30 mins)
  • 10:30 am: Wakeup, breastfeed
  • 12:00 pm: Lunch solids & water
  • 1:30 pm: Nap #2 (30 mins – 1 hour 30 mins)
  • 2:30 pm: Wakeup, breastfeed
  • 4:00 pm: Afternoon snack
  • 5:00 pm: Supper solids & water
  • 6:15 pm: Breastfeed, bedtime routine (bath, pjs, book, bed)
  • 7:00 pm: Asleep

This schedule seems to be working well for us right now. Daylight savings time messed things up a bit but we seem to be slowly falling back into place. He seems less tired at bedtime because of the increase in sunshine, but were staying consistent and he seems to be getting the idea. Some days, he stays awake in his crib for 15 minutes before falling asleep and that’s okay. I return to work next month so I know that things are going to change again. I’m planning on writing a post about my experience with going back to work and the adjustments that that will bring on.

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