Life Update/Blogging Again?

I don’t really know where to start. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I wrote something. It actually crossed my mind to shut down this blog once I realized the renewal fee was a couple of days away. I went through my old posts from last year and it reminded me of how much I like doing this, and why I started in the first place. I like to write, I like to have a creative outlet, and I like to share my experiences with motherhood in hopes that it may help another mama out there, or at least make her feel less alone. I told myself last year that once I had 10 posts up I would, in a sense, launch the blog. Meaning I would share it with family and friends. When April came around and I published the tenth post I got a bit scared and let doubt prevent me from making it public. Then life got busy and it got left behind all together.  I figured I would write a sort of update on the last nine months of my life and catch you all up to speed, starting with last April.

At the end of my pregnancy we discovered that I had a septated uterus. What this means is that I had a piece of tissue completely separating my uterus into two halves.  This is ultimately what led to my need for an emergency c-section. On April 10th, 2018 I underwent surgery to have this repaired. This meant travelling to Toronto for two days with my mom while my husband stayed back with Calvin. I actually have a whole post regarding this experience typed up that I never published. Maybe I will someday.

I went back to work two weeks later. Thankfully, only part time, but I work as a registered nurse doing 12 hour shifts (mix of nights and days) so it’s still a pretty busy schedule. Juggling working and taking care of a one year old was a huge adjustment. I was so use to being there all of the time. I loved our little routine together and I had a good amount of time to work on projects like this blog. Once I was back at work, the spare time I had on days off turned into doing groceries, cleaning, and trying to spend quality time with my family.

before work

We celebrated Calvin’s first birthday shortly thereafter.  We kept it pretty simple and hosted the party in our basement. Lots of cake, lots of love, lots of laughs. This boy sure is blessed.


Over the summer we made a lot of great memories. We went camping every weekend we could, and spent most of our time outdoors. Calvin developed an enormous love for parks/playgrounds, beaches and splash pads, and we eventually found a new groove with me as a working mom. He very quickly learned to love his babysitter (my great aunt) and adapted quite well to the change.

He transitioned to one nap around June, at 13 months old. In order to ease the transition we started going to the park at 930, right where his first nap use to take place. After a rough couple of weeks, he was fully transitioned to one nap around 11. Over time we were able to push that back to 1230/1 o’clock, and that’s still the case today at almost 20 months old.

We went on a road trip to southern Ontario to see family in August and it was a really nice trip. Eight hours in the car wasn’t so great but the trip itself was fun. We towed our camper trailer and stayed in an RV park. I love travelling this way. Having our home-away-from-home with us makes life with a baby a million times easier.


The fall was miserable weather-wise where we live, cold and wet. We still did lots of playing outside in a splash suit but it’s unfortunate we couldn’t enjoy it more. Calvin had two Halloween costumes. His day time costume was a fire-fighter, and his trick-or-treating costume was a lion-turned-beanie baby. He looked so cute in both. We walked around the mall with friends in the morning and Calvin pulled a huge tantrum towards the end. Poor kid was exhausted from all of the excitement.


In the fall we also started going to a toddler music class to try and beat the miserable weather. These have become a favorite and something we try and do at the minimum on a biweekly basis. It’s a great way to get him out and moving, and tire him out for nap time.

Mid-November we traveled back to Ottawa for Calvin’s 18 month follow-up related to his condition. We decided to try flying this time, rather than driving nine hours. There isn’t a direct flight from our town to Ottawa so we connected in Toronto. That meant two hour-long flights. Once there, we saw the two doctors who follow him, the surgeon who did his repair, and a respirologist (lung doctor). Calvin has done incredible over the past year. He’s had a couple of minor choking episodes (if choking of any kind can be considered minor), and two that were a little more severe that actually required some back blows by my part to clear. One of these was actually yesterday. Other than that, he is eating everything a kid his age should be able too, has been able to handle colds like a champ, and remains in the 90-95th percentile for height and weight. He still has a barky cough and we still get looks out in public by strangers who think he has croup, but other than a few misinformed stares, were doing alright. The plan going forward is to wean him off of his medication for acid reflux and see how he does. This is a process we have already started and should be finished by end of January/early February. I have mixed feelings about this. I’m excited to finally have a child who doesn’t require any medication, but nervous he will do poorly and need to go back on. We’ve never been able to feed Calvin first thing in the morning, which is what he wants. It’s always been wake up, medicine, wait 20-30 mins, then eat. That waiting is always hard for him so I look forward to that being gone.

Fast forward to Christmas. It was magical. The holidays with a child are a million times more special. He doesn’t quite understand presents yet but loved seeing all of  his new toys. We’ve had to completely reorganize our home to accommodate it all but that’s okay. We tried to focus on more wood-based toys this year, so he received a lot of Melissa & Doug, as well as an IKEA easel, and table. He is also obsessed with toy cars right now, so he got some of those too. Eventually, I may do a post regarding our most-loved toys. Christmas wasn’t all about the presents, however. We were fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends. We actually hosted my side of the family’s annual Christmas Eve get-together. It was a lot of fun aside from the fact that Calvin and both of his cousins were sick with a bad cold. We had every intention of letting him stay up late that night but by 7 pm he had had enough.


And that brings us to the New Year. Calvin is feeling better, we’ve set our intentions, and we’re looking forward to new memories and experiences. We have big plans for 2019, including a week-long trip to Jamaica in March. This will be the longest we ever leave Calvin and I’m so nervous, but it will be really good for my husband and I.

As for the blog, I hope to post on here every once in a while. I have a lot of ideas in my head that I just need to sit down and type out. Some of these include an update on Calvin, my intentions for 2019, tips for flying with an 18 month old, tips to ease the transition back to work, our experience being away from our son during our trip as well as tips for managing this, our ongoing gentle weaning process from breastfeeding, and many others.

Cheers to a new year! Good things are coming.

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