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Coping With a Reflux Baby: My Experience

Warning: This post is a doozy! I have a lot to say when it comes to this subject. If you aren't committed to reading the whole thing right now, I'll spare you the details. Reflux sucks, it's not fair that your baby is in pain Medication, elevating everything, probiotics, burping, and keeping baby upright after… Continue reading Coping With a Reflux Baby: My Experience

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Underrated Post-Pregnancy Products

This post contains affiliate links.¬† There are countless lists out there of every post-partum item you should have stocked in your mommy care bag. From witch-hazel to granny-panties, those lists are great and helped me a ton, but I found there were a few unmentioned items I picked up along the way that I absolutely… Continue reading Underrated Post-Pregnancy Products